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Brackenridge, Pennsylvania

12' Surge module. Wilburt light tower, custom slide out tool boards, slide out rear tray with cordless extrication tools, custom built dry hopper.

Dealer: Glick Fire Equipment Company


Bullville, New York

12' extrduded body, Whelen warning lights, Hi-Viz scene lights, Painted side roll up doors, Buckstop super single lift kit, tranverse compartment.

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Alpha Fire, Pennsylvania

10' Surge body, light tower, arrow board, speciality storage solutions for equipment, large platform running boards for ease of access, Whelen warning, and scene lights.


Harrison Valley, Pennsylvania

16' Surge on a Chevy 6500 is designed for a mini rescue which includes an air system, struts, tools and various other equipment. Light tower, Whelen lights & Pole lights.


Jessamine, Kentucky

A 16' module designed for multiple uses to the customer needs. Slide out trays, Whelen warning, Buckstop front bumper & FRC scene lights.


Ephrata, Pennsylvania

12' Surge module used as a utility truck, slide out trays, Whelen warning lights, black out package, painted roll up doors.


Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania

12' Surge module used as a utility truck and for traffic control, slide out trays, Whelen warning lights. 

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