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We Will Help Guide You To The Correct Chassis 

  • Some things to consider are your local service area. As your body is serviced from someone like us, the truck may require warranty work, recalls and other things performed by a dealer. Having a local dealer may result in swaying your option. 

  • Need help getting a truck? We are more then happy to help. We work with many local dealers to assure your process is flawless on prompt answers to your questions and assure you are quoted a fair and accurate price. We do not sell the chassis directly, however we deal with many transactions a year to oversee its entire process. 

  • Comparing payload is something to consider and pairing it with the proper engine to perform the job the truck has been assigned to do is crucial. 

  • Live in Idaho and want to deal with your local Ford dealer? No problem, we are a inspection point for all new Fords. Just have your chassis shipped to us and we can take it from there. 

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