Fully enclosed module with a huge transverse compartment which houses a roll-out tray that can be accessed from either side.


The Surge is the perfect Utility or Mini Rescue to add to your fleet. A Full Extruded Aluminum Body that features a blend of durability and function. The Surge, like all Vengeant Apparatus offers a unique feature set while still being affordable.


The Surge is equipped with a Whelen Core giving us the ability to do unique lighting. Featuring bright and effective 360 degree emergency lighting. OBDII controlled features like side running board lights and scene lights coming on when their respective doors are opened.



All of the shelving in the Surge is completely adjustable to your needs. The Surge also features a roll out tray in the transverse compartment. The rear compartment houses a huge roll out tray as well.



It's what sets Vengeant Apparatus and our Surge apart from the rest. High strength extruded aluminum bodies that combine strength, functionality and durability. We take great pride in building something that can be on the road for years to come.


Built into every piece of The Surge. We know budgets, and we know you still need to get the job done. Vengeant Apparatus doesn't skimp on quality or features just because it's cheaper.



We get it. We're newcomers in an industry that doesn't see innovation too often anymore. But there's good reason to consider your next apparatus purchase from us. Value, build quality, and more...