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This is Vengeant Apparatus. We are focused on building your department a quality, functional long lasting piece of apparatus.  Over the last decade 911 Rapid Response has been building hundreds of emergency vehicles a year all over the North East with known quality products such as Whelen, Havis, Getac, Go Rhino and more. Vengeant Apparatus was created to focus on custom rear modular units for F-4/550 style chassis's. Here at Vengeant you will find both Paid and Volunteer Firefighters, Police, EMS and many other first responders that have unique characteristics giving us leading edge on building your next emergency vehicle.  Don't see what you want, that's ok...we will build it.



Vengeant Apparatus takes care of everything from start to finish. We will sit down with you and go over your specific needs. The chassis can then be delivered to us and fully up-fitted from equipment and lighting to decals, so when it leaves here it is ready to go into service!


First responders that design apparatus for first responders. We know what works and what doesn't. You can sit down with us and get something designed down to the inch.


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Cage Style Construction is a high strength extruded aluminum bodies that combine strength, functionality and durability. We take great pride in building something that can be on the road for years to come.

Some Specs for Engineers

• Interior & exterior built from .1875 aluminum.
• Main structure built with 2x3 1/4" wall box tubing spaced no greater then 12 inches.
• Extruded aluminum corners for extreme strength.
• Can be fabricated to your specifications.
• Satin roll up doors standard.
• Compartments all coated with Line X material.
• Painted & clear coated to automotive industry standards.
• Common vented compartments.
• Underground lighting.
• Custom running boards & bumpers including welded in gripe strut for added traction.
• Wire harness by VoltLink

VoltLink is a 100% custom built wire harness for each vehicle application. Color coded wiring along with other needed cabling such as Antennas, Cat5 and data wires are all built within the harness. The harness is encapsulated around woven high density fibers to prevent chafing. A color coded wiring diagram for ease of changes is supplied for future applications. Paired with our fused block which includes 3 built in timers, ignition senses and constant hots all which make VoltLink a complete wiring system. 

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Mark.It Graphics is our in house vinyl graphics division. Offering vinyl installations from a single door decal to your entire vehicle being wrapped. You can sit down with our designers and have your vehicle designed down to the inch.


We understand budgets. We understand you still need a vehicle that will get the job done. And even though we may be less expensive we do not cheap out what matters most.


911 Rapid Response has a decade long history of building hundreds of emergency vehicles a year all over the North East with known quality products such as Whelen, Havis, Getac, Go Rhino and more. We build it right the first time, and have attention to detail that ensures your apparatus is the best in the industry.

mark sallada


This is the team that makes Vengeant Apparatus possible. From the design to execution of the build process, Vengeant wouldn't be possible without these people.



Mark Sallada



911 Rapid Response opened doors in 2006 with two simple goals. To supply our heroes with the equipment they need, and to build custom vehicles above customers' expectations. We offer public safety equipment to keep you safe while responding and on scene at emergency calls. Our showroom is packed with emergency equipment, police gear, EMS supplies, traffic safety supplies and much more. We carry just about every major brand, and if you're not finding quite what you're looking for, give us a call and we'll be glad to help you out. Our install shop is always loaded with vehicles, ranging from Police, Fire, EMS to even commercial vehicles.

We're unique in that we offer a true, one-stop shop to our customers. From the time your vehicle is delivered to us, to the time it is ready for pickup, the vehicle never leaves our shop. Now to the Vengeant Apparatus division started in 2018 just adds to that one stop buying experience.  All custom work, CAD drawing, fabrication, computers, cages, emergency lighting, sirens, to everything you can imagine is done 100% in-house; truly allowing us to ensure top quality, and pass on savings to our most valuable assets...our customers. 

I work everyday with all the employees, complete desk work, write procedures or I may be building vehicles with the team. You can contact me anytime you wish.

Management Team

Operations Manager

Keith Blauch

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Christy Sallada

Sales Manager

Production Manager

Dave Stamets

A Tour Of Our Facility

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