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This is a perfect solution where the standard pickup bed and cap is not enough. All aluminum custom configured painted body maximizing storage while keeping a budget in mind. 


Loose The Cap & Get The BOLT

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Side flip up doors, customized layout for your needs, transverse slide out tray & more.



It's what sets Vengeant Apparatus apart from the rest. High strength extruded aluminum bodies that combine strength, functionality and durability. We take great pride in building something that can be on the road for years to come.


Built into every Vengeant Apparatus. We know budgets, and we know you still need to get the job done. Vengeant Apparatus doesn't skimp on quality or features just because it's cheaper.



We get it. We're newcomers in an industry that doesn't see innovation too often anymore. But there's good reason to consider your next apparatus purchase from us. Value, build quality, and more...